Member Owned Hydro

VPPSA Members own and operate the following small hydroelectric facilities:

Barton Hydro 1,400kW
Enosburg Falls Village Plant #1 600kW
Enosburg Falls Kendall Plant 375kW
Hardwick Wolcott Hydro 815kW
Lyndonville Great Falls & Vail Hydro 2,400kW
Morrisville HK Sanders Hydro 1,800kW
Morrisville Cady’s Falls Hydro 1,400kW
Morrisville Plant #2 Hydro 1,800kW
Swanton Orman Croft Hydro 11,392kW

All of these facilities, except Swanton’s Orman Croft plant, are operated by the Member municipality to meet local needs while reducing capacity and transmission charges. As a larger facility, Swanton’s Orman Croft plant participates in the regional markets and is operated under instruction from ISO New England. All of the facilities, often established over 100 years ago, represent a centerpiece of the owning municipal electric department’s supply portfolio and a key resource in meeting their individual renewable energy goals.

VPPSA helps our Members maximize the value of these facilities by providing guidance on the most valuable times to operate and assisting with state and federal regulatory requirements.