Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.

Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.

42 Village Drive
Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450

P: (802) 933-4443
F: (802) 933-4145


John Dasaro
Village Manager

Located in the northwest corner of Vermont, the Village of Enosburg Falls was founded in 1886 and known for their cascading falls and waterways. Their electric department was formed in 1896 to power the Village. The Department now services a 70 square mile area within the Village boundaries and the Towns of Enosburgh, Sheldon, Bakersfield, Berkshire, Fairfield, and Franklin.

Hydroelectric Power

Enosburg Falls view from bridge.

View of Enosburg Falls.

The Village of Enosburg Falls Water & Light Department began a $2 million renovation to their 1930s vintage Plant #1 Hydro Generating Facility in June 2017. This project included upgrades to the electrical sub-station, the hydro mechanical turbine and generator, and various building improvements. Improvements were completed October 2018 giving the plant an additional 15% generating capacity.

Online Bill Pay

Please visit the Enosburg website to find details on how to pay your bill online.