Community is at the Heart of VPPSA.

At Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, we're community-driven.
Our decisions and operations are guided by the needs and priorities of the local communities we serve.

Community Powered

Over a century ago, many Vermont municipalities decided to create electric departments in their communities. Each community decides what its electric generation portfolio looks like, and VPPSA buys the power on their behalf. Our membership now encompasses 50 communities and powers over 30,000 Vermonters.

Community Owned

When your electric utility is community-owned, decisions about how the utility is run are made by the people who live and work there. Each utility is governed by a body of locally elected officials and any customer can attend their open meetings. As members of VPPSA, community-owned utilities reduce costs, share resources, and combine forces.

Community Controlled

Our team at VPPSA strives to make Vermont communities stronger every day. Simply put, our member communities are VPPSA's owners and direct our operations. As non-profit entities, we are rooted in Vermont and invest back into our communities.

What makes public power special:

  • We are owned by the communities we serve.
  • We are governed by local elected officials.
  • We make decisions in the open and with the input of our customers.
  • We are your neighbors: we work, live, and play in the communities we serve.
  • We reinvest in the community and keep dollars local.
  • We strive to provide affordable, reliable, clean energy every day.

VPPSA Members

Through VPPSA, members gain efficiencies and strengthen their voice while maintaining local control and community values. VPPSA’s membership is geographically diverse and reaches every corner of the state. They are:

Barton Electric

Enosburg Falls Electric

Hardwick Electric Department

Jacksonville Electric Company

Village of Johnson Water & Light

Ludlow Electric Light Department

Lyndonville Electric Department

Morrisville Water & Light

Northfield Electric Department

Orleans Electric

Swanton Village Electric

Our Partners

VPPSA is a proud member of regional and national associations dedicated to supporting publicly owned utilities that provide reliable, low-cost electricity to millions of Americans, while protecting the environment.