Power Supply

VPPSA provides comprehensive power supply services for our member municipal utilities, from resource planning and development to ISO-New England wholesale market participation and compliance.

Power Supply Planning and Resource Procurement

Our forecasting and integrated resource planning provide options for utilities to meet their current and future needs. Each recommended portfolio is customized for individual utilities to reflect local desires, targets, and risk tolerance. Analysis of each Members’ resource mix is conducted to identify and mitigate risk and maintain stable and affordable power costs.



We provide: 

  • Forecasting: development of daily, short-term (up to 5 years), and long-term (20 years) forecasts ofindividual utility demand.   
  • Resource Development, Analysis, and Procurement: economic and feasibility analysis of available resources to meet member needs – from short-term power purchases to development of Member hosted renewable energy resources. We then make recommendations based on individual utility characteristics and assist in the procurement of resources, from financing to development and execution of Purchase Power Agreements and other contractual arrangements. 
  • Energy Efficiency: analysis of the economic and market impact of line extensions or other incentives to move customers' energy usage from fossil fuel onto cleaner electricity.

Project Operation and Oversight

VPPSA is the operator and principal owner of the Swanton “Project 10” peaking power plant, which has approximately 40 megawatts of electric generation capability. We also contract with numerous resources to meetMembers’ needs – providing oversight with regard to wholesale power transactions and accounting.   

Wholesale Market Participation

VPPSA participates in wholesale power markets on behalf of members to ensure positive market outcomes. This includes 

  • Assuming responsibility for most Members’ interactions with ISO New England and ensures that Members comply with ever-changing requirements.  This ranges from participating in day-ahead markets to settling bills from ISO-NE.  Members have access to tools to monitor their position in the market.
  • Leveraging our in-depth understanding of the marketplace and collection of load data to bid Member loads and market resources into ISO-NE markets. This service covers energy, capacity, forward reserve, and other marketplaces in order to secure the most value for Members while mitigating financial risks. 
  • Invoicing to capture individual wholesale market transactions and allocate charges and credits appropriately by load ratio share, resource entitlement, or another appropriate method.

Balancing Opportunity and Risk

The ever-changing ISO-NE markets present risks and opportunity. VPPSA is a strong voice for public power on key market committees. We work closely with other public power organizations to ensure that our Member communities are heard and our issues are incorporated into positions and rules that benefit all of our Members and the Vermonters they serve.