2022 Rebates

Our rebates are available to customers of the following community-owned electric utilities:

  • Barton Village
  • Village of Enosburg Falls
  • Hardwick Electric Department
  • Village of Jacksonville
  • Village of Johnson
  • Ludlow Electric Light Department
  • Lyndonville Electric Department
  • Morrisville Water & Light
  • Northfield Electric Department
  • Village of Orleans
  • Swanton Village

If you are eligible for rebates of $600 or more, please fill out a W-9 form and submit it to VPPSA with your rebate documentation.

2022 Electric Vehicle Rebate

EV Rebate Form: Up to $1,400   VPPSA member customers can get: $1,000 back for a new all-electric vehicle $500 back for a new plug-in hybrid $500 back for a pre-owned…

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2022 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

EV Charging Station Rebate Form: $500 VPPSA member customers are eligible for a $500 rebate on the purchase of Level 2 Charger. To qualify, the charger must be installed for…

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2022 Electric Yard Care Rebate

Electric Yard Care Rebate Form: $25 Get $25 back for an electric chainsaw, trimmer, or leaf blower.

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2022 Cold Climate Heat Pump Instant Discount

Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate: $200 VPPSA is partnering with Efficiency Vermont to offer an instant discount for installing heat pump technology. Work with a participating contractor to receive the…

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2022 Heat Pump Water Heater Instant Discount

VPPSA is partnering with Efficiency Vermont to offer a $600 discount for replacing a fossil fuel water heater with a heat pump water heater. Work with a participating HVAC distributor…

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2022 Electric Lawn Mower Rebate

Residential Mower Rebate Form: $50 Commercial Mower Rebate Form: $1,200 Get a $50 rebate for a residential electric lawn mower. Get a $1,200 rebate for a commercially used electric lawn…

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2022 E-Bike and Retrofit Kit Rebate

E-Bike Rebate Form: $100 Get a $100 rebate for an e-bike or retrofit kit.  

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2022 Electric Golf Cart Rebate

Electric Golf Cart Rebate: $100 Get $100 rebate back on an electric golf cart. To qualify, the golf cart must be charged in VPPSA member utility territory.  

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2022 Electric Forklift Rebate

Electric Forklift Rebate Form: $2,500 Get $2,500 back when you buy an electric forklift. Eligible forklifts must be charged in VPPSA member utility.  

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