Our Directors

The power of VPPSA is that we are community owned and community directed. Each Member of our Board of Directors represents one of our member communities.


VPPSA Board-John Dasaro-Enosburg

John Dasaro

Village Manager
Village of Enosburg Falls.
Phone: 802-993-4443
E-mail: jdasaro@enosburg.net

VPPSA Board-Sullivan-Hardwick-web

Mike Sullivan

Town of Hardwick Electric Department
Phone: 802-472-5201
E-mail: msullivan@hardwickelectric.com

VPPSA Board-Tom Petraska-Ludlow

Tom Petraska

General Manager
Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department
Phone: 802-228-7766
E-mail: tpetraska@ludlowelectric.com

VPPSA Board-Elwell-Enosburg-web

Jon Elwell

Village of Lyndonville Electric Department
Phone: 802-626-3366
E-mail: jelwell@lyndonvilleelectric.com

VPPSA Board-Fitzhugh-Northfield-web

Stephen Fitzhugh

Town of Northfield Electric Department
Phone: 802-485-6121
E-mail: sfitzhugh@northfield.vt.us

VPPSA Board-Scott Johnstone-Morrisville

Scott Johnstone

Village of Morrisville Water & Light Dept.
Phone: 802-888-3348
E-mail: sjohnstone@mwlvt.com

VPPSA Board-Morley-Orleans-web

John Morley

Incorporated Village of Orleans
Phone: 802-754-8584
E-mail: jmorley@villageoforleansvt.org

Erik Bailey

Village Manager
Village of Johnson, Inc.
Phone: 802-635-2611
E-mail: ebailey@townofjohnson.com

Bill Sheets

Village Manager
Swanton Village, Inc.
Phone: 802-868-3397
E-mail: wsheets@swanton.net

Patricia Richards

Barton Village, Inc.
Phone: (802) 525-4747
E-mail: prichards213@gmail.com


Alternate Directors

Christopher Recchia
Barton Village, Inc.

Abbey Miller
Finance Director
Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.

Erica Welton

Village of Lyndonville Electric Department

Penny Jones

Morrisville Water & Light Department

Jeffrey Schulz
Northfield Town Manager

Town of Northfield Electric Department

Marilyn Prue
Office Manager

Village of Orleans Inc.

Lynn Paradis
Assistant Village Manager/Controller

Swanton Village, Inc.

Board Officers

Stephen Fitzhugh
Chairman of the Board

John Morley III
Vice-Chairman of the Board

Lynn Paradis

Crystal Currier

Amy Parah
Assistant Secretary

Archived Board Meetings

Archived Committee Meetings