Renewable Energy Standard

The Vermont Renewable Energy Standard requires electric utilities to have a certain percentage of renewables in their electricity generation portfolio. This percentage increases over time to 75% renewable by 2032, with 10% of the renewable energy coming from small, in-state, new renewable generators.

VPPSA buys and sells renewable energy credits (RECs) on behalf of our members to meet renewability requirements. The below charts represent all member utilities renewable portfolios combined.

Although each utility's portfolio may vary slightly from the ones you see below, all VPPSA member utilities comply with the Renewable Energy Standard. Some, like Swanton Village, have already achieved 100% renewable status.

Wondering why we're showing 2021 portfolios even though it's 2023? Our renewable portfolios go through rigorous review by the Vermont Public Utility Commission. The most recently reviewed and approved portfolios are from 2021. VPPSA and our member utilities are committed to meeting renewability requirements each year.

2022 VPPSA Aggregate Electricity Sources
Before Buying and Selling RECs

2022 VPPSA Aggregate Electricity Sources
After Buying and Selling RECs