Renewable Energy Standard

Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) requires electric utilities to have renewables in their electricity generation portfolios. The amount of renewable electricity increases over time to 75% renewable by 2032. A portion of this renewable energy is required to come from small, in-state, new renewable generators.

For every megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated by a source like a hydro facility, solar array, or wind turbine, a renewable energy credit (REC) is born. VPPSA buys and sells RECs on behalf of our member electric utilities to meet RES requirements.

Please note that individual utility profiles may vary. For example, Swanton Village is 100% renewable after buying and selling RECs.

2021 VPPSA Aggregate Electricity Sources
Before Buying and Selling RECs

2021 VPPSA Aggregate Electricity Sources
After Buying and Selling RECs