Joint Action

Vermont Public Power Supply Authority is a Joint Action Agency that provides a range of services to our municipal utility members. Through joint action agencies like VPPSA, utilities are able to access economies of scale in building generation, purchasing power, and other activities. By joining together, the VPPSA member utilities gain efficiencies and strengthen their voice while maintaining local control and community values.

VPPSA Member Services

The joint action agency structure enables VPPSA members to pool resources and secure better pricing for contracts. In addition to power supply, the VPPSA members have chosen to centralize many back-office functions including rate design, purchasing, training, legal and regulatory services, lobbying, information technology, project management, and finance. These shared resources help to reduce costs and create scalability which are key attributes of joint action agencies such as VPPSA.

Because Vermont - unlike most states - maintains substantial state-level regulation of publicly-owned electric utilities, VPPSA offers significant regulatory and legislative services to support member utilities. For example, many of Vermont’s renewable energy requirements allow our members to comply in aggregate rather than individually, providing flexibility and potential cost savings.

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As part of the local municipal government the VPPSA member utilities maintain a strong focus on their local community. Being members of a joint action agency allows them to speak and act together as though they are a much larger utility.