Putting the Public in Power.


VPPSA’s staff are experienced electric utility professionals with skills ranging from rates and planning and information technology to finance and legislative and regulatory fields. We welcome your calls or messages to connect with us.


Kenneth Nolan - General Manager

Kenneth Nolan

General Manager
(802) 882-8500 

Since 2016, Ken has served as VPPSA’s General Manager. He joined the Authority with more than 30 years of electric utility experience. Previously, he held positions in power supply and resource planning, including 10 years at VPPSA (1988 to 1998). He then moved to the municipal utility, Burlington Electric Department, where he progressed his career from resource planning and management to Chief Operations Officer and Manager of Strategy and Innovation. In addition to his responsibilities with VPPSA, Ken serves on the Boards of Directors for Vermont Electric Power Company, Hometown Connections Inc., and VEPP Inc. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Vermont.


Crystal Currier - Controller

Crystal Currier

(802) 882-8501  

Crystal joined VPPSA in 2004 and works as the Authority’s Controller.  Crystal is responsible and accountable for maintaining the financial integrity of the Authority. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Champlain College, an Associate of Science in Business and an Associates of Arts in Liberal Studies, both Associates degrees from Community College of Vermont.  In her free time, Crystal enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, hiking, biking, and snowmobiling.  

Amy Parah - Accountant/Administrator

Amy Parah

(802) 882-8502

Amy joined VPPSA in 2017 and works as the Authority’s Accountant/ Administrator. Amy provides a variety of accounting, bookkeeping, administrative, receptionist and office support functions and services.  Prior to coming to VPPSA, she worked at the Burlington Electric Department as the Staff Accountant for four years.  In her free time, Amy enjoys yoga, biking, hiking, kayaking and spending time with her grandson.


Kim Harris - Information Systems Specialist

Kim Harris

Systems Administrator
(802) 882-8503

In 1999, Kim joined VPPSA and has held a variety of operational roles. She currently serves as the Authority’s Systems Administrator. Kim provides support services to our staff as well as addressing member staff’s needs for information technology.  She holds an Associate of Science from Community College of Vermont.  In her free time, Kim enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, spending time family, and snowshoeing in the winter months.

Ken St. Amour - Manager of Information Systems and Support Services

Ken St. Amour

Manager of Information Systems and Support Services  
(802) 882-8504

Ken joined VPPSA in 1986 and serves as the Authority’s Manager of Information Systems and Support Services. Ken is responsible for developing, installing and supporting information systems technology to enhance and maintain services and business productivity.  Ken holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.  In his free time, Ken enjoys bicycling and traveling.


Melissa Bailey

Melissa Bailey

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Representative  
(802) 882-8509

Melissa joined VPPSA in 2011 and served as a power analyst for four years before moving into the Regulatory and Legislative realm in 2015. Melissa spends much of her time developing and presenting the Authority’s positions in legislative and regulatory matters. She holds a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Vermont and a BA in Government and Environmental Studies from Bowdoin College. In her free time, Melissa enjoys yoga, skiing, travel, and keeping up with her two sons.


David Gagne - Plant Maintenance Technician/Operator

David Gagne

Plant Maintenance Technician/Operator  
(802) 868-0946 Project 10 Plant
(802) 582-9182 mobile

Dave joined VPPSA in 2012 and serves as the Authority’s Plant Maintenance Technician/Operator. Dave is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the peaking generating station (“Swanton Peaker”) owned by the Authority and located in Swanton Vermont.  Prior to coming to VPPSA, Dave worked as an Operation/Technician for the Sheldon Springs Hydro Electric Plant for eleven years.  In his free time, Dave enjoys motorcycling, four wheeling and working on a jet car.


Joshua Bancroft - Power Supply Applications Developer

Joshua Bancroft

Power Supply Applications Developer  
(802) 882-8507

Josh joined VPPSA in 2015 and works as the Authority’s Power Supply Application’s Developer.  Josh is responsible for developing appropriate computer applications and databases for use by VPPSA staff and the VPPSA members. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Engineering from Boston University.  In his free time, Josh enjoys learning how to repair old machinery and perform DIY projects around the home.

Shawn Enterline

Shawn Enterline

Senior Power Analyst  
(802) 882-8508

Shawn joined VPPSA in 2018 and works as the Authority’s Senior Power Analyst. Shawn is responsible for all operational actions associated with the power supply area, including managing load and generation resources within and outside of ISO-NE markets and planning for and procuring resources that provide options for municipal utilities to meet individual current and future needs. Shawn has a BS/MS from the Pennsylvania State University. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family at the mountain, on the water, and in the yard.


Steve Farman

Steve Farman

Manager of Rates & Planning  
(802) 882-8506

Steve joined VPPSA in 2008 and serves as the Authority’s Manager of Rates and Planning. Steve is responsible for providing support to the Authority’s members in the areas of revenue requirements, capital planning, cost allocation studies, rate and tariff development, revenue forecasting, and integrated resource planning.  Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.

Amanda Simard

Amanda Simard

Senior Analyst 
(802) 882-8505

Amanda joined VPPSA in 2003 as a Power Analyst before moving over to the Accounting department. Currently, Amanda works as the Authority’s Senior Analyst within the Rates and Planning department. Amanda is responsible for providing support to member utilities by performing analytical work primarily related to rate and cost-of-service activities, financial planning, Integrated Resource planning and recurring State and Federal Regulatory reporting.  Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Saint Michael’s College.  In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending quality time having fun with her husband and two young children.