Thank a Lineworker

Swanton Aug. 2019-0124

"Thank you for your dedication, your service, and for risking your life to make sure we can live ours. Our super heroes!"
-Barbara, Swanton Village Electric Department

"Thank you Reno and all the lineworkers at Hardwick Electric Dept! We appreciate you going out in the windy, snowy and rainy weather to keep the electricity flowing to our home! Thank you!!"
-Peggy, Hardwick Electric Department

"Ray, and all line people & the man on the phone when I have to call.....thank you for all you do in any weather. We appreciate you!"
-Cathy & Walt, Lyndonville Electric Department

VPPSA member utility lineworkers work around the clock, sometimes in harsh weather conditions, to keep power flowing to nearly 30,000 Vermonters across 11 electric utilities. Their everyday duties require them to handle thousands of volts of electricity just to keep our lights on.

April 18 is National Lineworker Appreciation Day, but you can express your appreciation to lineworkers any time. Please join us in thanking the men and women who are critical to our electric infrastructure.

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