2024 Heat Pump Technology Instant Discount

Receive an instant discount when you install heat pump technology in your home or business. VPPSA is partnering with Efficiency Vermont to offer an instant discount when you install heat pump technology to heat and cool your home or water. Work with a participating contractor to receive the discount.

The incentive amount will vary by the type and size of the heat pump. Visit www.efficiencyvermont.com to learn more about instant discounts.

Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate

Make your investment go further with an added rebate bonus for heat pump installations in homes that have completed any of the following weatherization projects:

  • Home Performance with Energy Star
  • Weatherization Assistance Program services since 2005 or are currently enrolled
  • Residential Building Energy Standards (RBES) certificate
  • Blower door test results with a maximum of 5 air changes per hour at 50 Pascals

If you've installed a ductless, centrally ducted, or air-to-water heat pump in a building that has completed one of the following weatherization projects, apply for the $200 Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate.