2021 Cold Climate Heat Pump Instant Discount

Our heat pump rebate program has changed as of January 1, 2021.

VPPSA has teamed up with Efficiency Vermont to offer an instant discount for installing heat pump technology. Work with a participating contractor to receive an instant price discount at the time of purchase.

The instant discount amount will vary by technology and size. If you are installing a ductless heat pump, the VPPSA discount is $250. Efficiency Vermont offers an instant discount that is combined with the VPPSA discount for greater overall savings.

Installing a heat pump in a weatherized building? You can apply for $200 Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate. The following weatherization projects are eligible:

How a Cold Climate Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps are versatile and efficient at heating and cooling your home. In the summer, a heat pump will take heat from inside your home and displace it outside, effectively cooling the indoors. In the winter, it will take heat energy from outside (even when it's cold out) and bring it indoors.

Because temperatures in Vermont get so cold in the winter, it is still important to have a backup method of heating your home. How effective your heat pump is at low temperatures depends on the model you choose.


Is there a separate VPPSA rebate application form I need to fill out?

There is no separate VPPSA rebate form for heat pumps installed on or after January 1, 2021. The discount is applied at the time of purchase when working with a participating contractor.

If you are applying for the Heat Pump + Weatherization Rebate, please fill out this form.

I installed my heat pump last year. Can I still get a rebate?

If you installed a ductless heat pump in 2020, you can apply for the 2020 rebate here.

What types of heat pumps are eligible for the instant discount?

The discount applies to ductless, ducted, and air-to-water heat pump systems.


Your municipal electric utility is offering this incentive to meet Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard, which supports utility programs that help customers reduce fossil fuel use from heating and transportation.