2021 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

VPPSA member customers are eligible for a $500 rebate on the purchase of Level 2 Charger. To qualify, the charger must be installed for workplace or public use.


Why install an electric vehicle (EV) charger for workplace or public use?

According to Drive Electric Vermont, the number of EVs on the road has increased by 26% in the last year. As of July 2019, there were 3,288 electric vehicles registered in 88% of Vermont communities.

With the state of Vermont offering an income-based EV incentive, and several electric utilities offering EV incentives of their own, driving electric is becoming an attractive and affordable option. Installing a charger can demonstrate your community's leadership in adopting clean technology.


How much does an EV charging station cost?

EV charging equipment has a wide price range. According to Drive Electric, EV chargers can cost anywhere from $500 to $20,000 or more. Financing options are available. Learn more here.


Am I eligible for the VPPSA EV Charging Station Rebate?

Customers of VPPSA member utilities are eligible to receive $500 back on the purchase and installation of a Level 2 Charger for workplace or public use. VPPSA members include:

  • Barton Village, Inc.
  • Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.
  • Town of Hardwick Electric Department
  • Village of Jacksonville
  • Village of Johnson, Inc.
  • Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department
  • Village of Lyndonville Electric Department
  • Village of Morrisville Water & Light Department
  • Town of Northfield Electric Department
  • Incorporated Village of Orleans
  • Swanton Village, Inc.

Your municipal electric utility is offering this incentive to meet Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard, which supports utility programs that help customers reduce fossil fuel use from heating and transportation.