Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate 2019

VPPSA member customers are eligible for a $300 rebate on the purchase of a heat pump water heater. To qualify, the heat pump water heater MUST replace a fossil fuel fired water heater.

How A Heat Pump Water Heater Works

Unlike traditional electric heaters, heat pump water heaters do NOT generate their own source of heat! They work by extracting heat from the air surrounding the pump and dispersing it into water inside of a tank. As the water inside the tank heats up, the air surrounding the pump cools down and dehumidifies. So the heat pump water heater doesn't just heat water- it air conditions the space around it.


Will a heat pump water heater help me save money?

According to Efficiency Vermont, heat pump water heaters cost half as much to operate compared to a traditional electric heater!

Are heat pump water heaters more efficient than traditional electric water heaters?

According to Energy.gov, heat pump water heaters can be two to three times more efficient than a traditional electric resistance water heater.

How can I get a heat pump water heater for my home or business?

Efficiency Vermont has information about contractors and retailers in the area.

Does my heat pump water heater qualify for the VPPSA rebate?

Your heat pump must be on this list to qualify. You also must be replacing a fossil fuel fired water heater when installing your heat pump water heater. Heat pump water heaters that replace electric water heaters do not qualify for this rebate.

Am I eligible for the VPPSA heat pump water heater rebate?

Customers of VPPSA member utilities are eligible to receive up to $300 back on the purchase of a heat pump water heater. VPPSA member utilities include:

  • Barton Village, Inc.
  • Village of Enosburg Falls Inc.
  • Town of Hardwick Electric Department
  • Village of Jacksonville
  • Village of Johnson, Inc.
  • Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department
  • Village of Lyndonville Electric Department
  • Village of Morrisville Water & Light Department
  • Town of Northfield Electric Department
  • Incorporated Village of Orleans
  • Swanton Village, Inc.

Your municipal electric utility is offering this incentive to meet Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard, which supports utility programs that help customers reduce fossil fuel use from heating and transportation.

I am eligible for the VPPSA rebate. Are there any other heat pump water heater rebates available to me?

Yes! If you qualify for the VPPSA rebate, you also qualify for the Efficiency Vermont rebate. You can receive up to $600 back from Efficiency Vermont through a qualifying retailer or distributor at the time of purchase.

After your purchase is complete, submit your rebate form and additional documents to VPPSA. We will send you a check for $300.