Municipal Electric Utilities Help Vermont Communities Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Save Money

Waterbury Center, VT– The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) is announcing several new rebate offerings to help customers of its municipal electric utility members adopt clean technology. Beginning January 1, 2020, customers can get more money back for heating, traveling, and even taking care of yard work using efficient electric appliances.

“When our communities switch from fossil-fuel to electric, they’re plugging into a 90% carbon-free resource,” said VPPSA General Manager Ken Nolan. “Our new rebate offerings make it less expensive for Vermonters to convert to clean technology.”

To combat greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, which account for 47% of Vermont’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, VPPSA has increased electric vehicle rebate incentives and expanded offerings to include pre-owned vehicles and charging equipment. VPPSA member utility customers who purchase or lease an electric vehicle in 2020 can receive $1,000 back, increased from $800 in 2019. Customers who purchase or lease a plug-in hybrid can receive $500 back, increased from $400 in 2019.

The upfront cost of an electric vehicle poses a large barrier for low-income customers. VPPSA has increased its low-income customer electric vehicle incentive to $1,400, up from $1,000 in 2019. VPPSA has also committed to working with the Vermont Agency of Transportation to process statewide income-based electric vehicle incentives up to $5,000. The statewide and VPPSA incentives can be combined, allowing low-income customers to receive up to $6,400 back on the purchase of an electric vehicle.

In addition to electric vehicle rebates, VPPSA is offering several new and updated incentives. A complete list of VPPSA’s 2020 offerings includes:

  • New Electric Vehicle: $1,000 (+$400 for low-income customers)
  • New Plug-In Hybrid: $500 (+$400 for low-income customers)
  • Pre-Owned Electric Vehicle: $500
  • Pre-Owned Plug-In Hybrid: $250
  • Level 2 Charger for Workplace or Public Use: $500
  • Cold Climate Heat Pump: $400 (+$100 if installed in a weatherized building)
  • Heat Pump Water Heater: $600
  • Electric Forklift: $3,000
  • Electric Golf Cart: $50
  • Electric Lawn Mower for Residential Use: $25
  • Electric Lawn Mower for Commercial Use: $1,000
  • E-Bike and Retrofit Kit: $100

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