VPPSA and Encore Renewable Energy Complete First Solar Project Together

Morrisville, VT — Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA) and Encore Renewable Energy announced today the completion of their 855 kilowatt (kW) Trombley Hill Solar project, the first developed under their partnership formed last year. Sited on property owned by Morrisville Water and Light, it is the first utility project to come online under Vermont’s Standard Offer program in 2019.

The Standard Offer Program was established in 2009 to promote the rapid deployment of small renewable electricity generation through long-term, fixed-price contracts. The total program capacity of 127.5 MW is distributed annually by a least-cost auction. Costs are allocated among Vermont utilities based on their share of electric sales.

Trombley Hill Solar is expected to produce approximately 1,500,000 kWh per year, enough to power approximately 208 homes. The project is the first of an initial portfolio of projects which add up to approximately 10 megawatts (MW) that VPPSA and Encore are working on together. Under the partnership, Encore will lead design, development, financing, and construction of solar projects at locations in VPPSA’s member utility territories. VPPSA will help host communities manage the resulting electric generation capacity to maximize its value. The agreement also allows for Encore and VPPSA to partner at other sites. It represents a significant milestone in VPPSA members’ efforts to meet their requirements under Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard, and will move the state closer to its overall goal of 90% renewable electricity by 2050.

“We are thrilled to see the Trombley Hill Solar project completed and remain impressed with Encore’s ability to overcome the challenges presented in developing this location,” said Ken Nolan, General Manager of VPPSA. “The success of Trombley Hill Solar reinforces our confidence in this public-private partnership. We look forward to further projects with Encore that will help VPPSA bring Vermont closer to its renewable energy goals.”

“We are glad to welcome a solar project of this scale to Morrisville,” said Craig Myotte, General Manager of Morrisville Water & Light. “Our community places high value on committing to renewable energy resources, and we’re proud to be able to share the solar energy benefits of Trombley Hill Solar with the entirety of Vermont.”

“With every new solar panel raised, Vermont is embracing the rapid transition to a democratized, distributed energy generation model, and lighting the path toward energy independence,” said Chad Farrell, Encore’s Founder and CEO. “Encore is thrilled to be able to support Vermont’s municipal electric utilities in delivering these exciting projects at the most competitive prices possible for the benefit of their ratepayers.”

More information about Vermont’s Standard Offer Program is available at www.vermontstandardoffer.com or by calling 802-362-0748.

A ribbon cutting at the facility will take place at a later date.

About Encore Renewable Energy

Encore Renewable Energy is a Burlington, Vermont-based leading clean energy development company focusing on commercial-scale solar photovoltaic systems and 21st-century solutions for underutilized property, including landfills, brownfields and rooftops. Founded in 2007 as Encore Redevelopment, Encore specializes in the design, development, financing, permitting, and construction of renewable energy projects. Encore is a certified B-Corporation. For more information about Encore, please visit EncoreRenewableEnergy.com


VEPP Inc. is a not-for-profit Vermont corporation administering Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program under contract with the Vermont Public Utility Commission. The Standard Offer Program, established by the Vermont Legislature in 2009, promotes the rapid deployment of small renewable energy projects.

About Morrisville Water and Light

Morrisville Water & Light (MW&L) is a non-profit public power utility serving over 4,000 customers in the Vermont towns of Morrisville, Elmore, Hyde Park, Johnson, Morristown, Stowe, and Wolcott. MW&L is governed by a five-member board of trustees and makes decisions through public participation at open meetings. MW&L prides itself on meeting the community’s needs while committing to renewable energy resources and sustainable practices that benefit the environment.