Barton Electric Vote

What does the proposed sale of Barton Electric mean for you?

This is a decision that can't be taken lightly or made quickly.


Barton Electric has been owned and operated by the village for 128 years. 

A ballot vote will determine if Barton Electric is sold to Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC). The decision is in the hands of Barton Village voters.

Barton Village residents can vote on May 10, 2022. Polls will be open from 10:00am - 7:00pm at the Memorial Hall located downstairs of the theater.

Questions To Ask:

  • Will power outages be shorter?
  • Are my property taxes going to go down?
  • Will my water and wastewater bill go down?
  • Can we see all the offers that were considered?
  • Who did the trustees consult with to make the decision to sell?
  • What's the rush? Once it's gone, it's gone.
  • Other small utilities are successful, why aren't we?
  • Are there any legal issues to resolve before the sale?
  • What non-sale options did you consider?
  • Will customers outside of Barton Village financially benefit from the sale?
  • Will my bill ultimately go down?


Average Monthly Bill

Source: Comparison of base residential rates in effect on 12/31/2021. Monthly billing at 600 kWh usage. Rates from VEC found at

Average Power Outage Length

Source: Vermont Public Utility Commission 4.900 annual outage reports

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