Updates: What your electric utility is doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Providing our communities with consistent, reliable electric service is our number one priority. To continue doing so, VPPSA and its member utilities are striving to keep their employees safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. All VPPSA member utilities’ offices remain operational, but with doors closed to the public.

VPPSA and its member utilities understand that many households are experiencing financial hardship during these uncertain times. No electricity disconnections will be performed through May 31, at which time the situation will be reevaluated. If you are struggling to pay your bill, please call your electric utility. There may be payment plan options available.

We highly recommend reaching out to your utility or checking their website. All VPPSA member information can be found through links below.

Barton Village: https://bartonvt.com/

Village of Enosburg Falls: https://villageofenosburgfalls.org/

Town of Hardwick: http://www.hardwickelectric.com/

Village of Jacksonville: https://townofwhitingham-vt.org/business/jacksonville-electric-co

Village of Johnson: http://townofjohnson.com/

Village of Ludlow:  https://www.ludlow.vt.us/

Village of Lyndonville: https://www.lyndonelectric.com/

Village of Morrisville: https://www.mwlvt.com/

Town of Northfield: http://www.northfield-vt.gov/text/Electric_Department/paying_your_bill.htm

Village of Orleans

Swanton Village: http://www.swantonvillage.org/